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Lean Muscle Mass Build, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength, Power, Nutrition, Conditioning

Specializing in Cycling and Endurance Sports - MTB (Enduro/DH/XC), Road, Track, BMX, Running, Volleyball, etc.

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I have been working with Steve since August 2020, his dedication and attention to detail are what have helped me create a strong relationship with him. I spent some time searching specifically for a cycling focused PT and it makes a huge difference working with someone who has a high understanding of the sport you compete in. Prior to working with him I outlined my very big goals for a racing career and he has worked hard to bring me structure and knowledge to help me work towards these, whether it be in or out of the gym. This year we set some goals for my first overseas racing block many months in advance. I managed to tick these all off and even get results that I didn't think I could achieve.  Without working with Steve on the coaching side of things I don't think this would be possible, to be able to step back and critically evaluate limiters, and structure training so it is properly balanced with rest, is something i have struggled with in the past. I think having someone who can step back and evaluate your participation in a sport and offer advice is something that is second to none.

Jesse Cseh

Steve is an amazing and enthusiastic mountain bike coach and personal trainer. I have been working with Steve for over a year and in that time I have seen a huge improvement in my training load, performance, and recovery.

As a mountain bike coach, Steve has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to developing a tailored training plan. He is encouraging, understanding, and great at planning a training regime to fit around lifestyle demands. Steve has helped me to identify areas where I can improve, and then implement them into my training plan while also providing trustworthy advice around pre-race activities, fueling strategies and recovery.

Steve is also an excellent personal trainer and creates personalized and challenging workouts that are specific to my goals. He has clear and concise instructions and is really careful in making sure I am doing each exercise correctly to prevent injury.

Steve is genuinely invested in my success and is always there to offer encouragement and support. He is passionate about what he does, and it shows in his enthusiasm and energy.

I would highly recommend Steve as a mountain bike coach and personal trainer. His expertise, dedication, and passion for helping his clients achieve their goals make him a true asset to anyone looking to improve their performance and get on those podiums!

Gabby Buchanan

I can't recommend Steve enough! Not only is he a top bloke he has been instrumental in helping me get a lot faster on the bike. I've always been self trained but got to the point where I couldn't solve the problems that were stopping me from being competitive at the pointy end of races. Working with Steve in the gym for the last 6 months along with all the extra nutrition, training and racing tips and advice along the way has made all the difference in getting me to the front of the pack.
The biggest advantage Steve offers over being self taught is that despite the vast range of information and resources available on the internet and elsewhere there is no substitute for having someone who can look at you as an individual, figure out what's wrong and translate that into action and results. Thanks mate!

Jonathan Halliwell

I have been working with Steve since July 2019 and I can honestly say that he always goes the extra mile, he is committed to enabling his clients to strive towards their goals. Saying this, he is also 100% honest and will say it as it is. For me this has been so beneficial, when I have needed to step back he has talked me through the rationale. His sessions are fun, relevant and bring about results. He is like no other Personal Trainer I have had, to Steve you are a whole person and his sessions are holistic.

Hazel Harrison

I hate getting up early. Like so much that every morning before I drive to Miramar I come up with a million excuses as to why I can’t make it to my training session with Steve. But, despite this reoccurring theme, I always drag myself out of bed, because I know I’ll feel a hundred times better after training.
And this isn’t just because Steve is a nice guy who is great to chat to (true), or because I am enroute to the Olympics and absolutely need this training to succeed (definitely not true) – it’s because Steve’s approach to training is good for both my mental and physical health.
I have been training with Steve since July 2019, including before pregnancy (when I was fairly fit), during pregnancy (right up to four days before!) and post baby (starting two months after).
Steve is incredibly good at customizing his training to each individual’s needs, be it that day, that week or that period in life. He puts immense effort into researching and ensuring that the exercises are suited to your goals, your sport and your abilities.
Basically, I would highly recommend working with Steve. It will make you a happier, healthier person!

Meagan Robertson

I thought I knew how to get reasonably fit and ready for an Enduro race.

But, since working with Steve, I have realized what proper training looks like.

Steve has been able to get me into shape to get a top 10 Masters placing at an EWS race in Whistler (Enduro World Series).

There was a heap of hard work in there, but Steve makes sure that the training fits with everything else that is going on in my life.

Super approachable and nice guy. Also has so much information on all aspects – training; nutrition; race craft. I feel pretty lucky to work with Steve. 

Ben Sanders

Three months out from my first endurance gravel race, I approached Steve for coaching to help me with my preparation.

Steve created a fully customized program and provided support with all aspects of my training, including fueling and pacing strategies to compliment the on the bike workouts.

His ability to communicate both what you need to do and how it contributes to your end goal is incredible, and provided me with a strong base level of understanding.

Steve planned my weeks to match my schedule an get the best out of the hours I was able to commit to training. He was on call for any questions that arose throughout the training block and arranged regular check-ins to discuss progress.

I entered the race in the best shape of my life and was wrapped with the result.

I couldn't recommend Steve's coaching highly enough!

Jan Verberne

Since August 2022, Steve has played an invaluable role in helping me achieve my cycling goals. 

Before I started working with Steve, I was spending a lot of time training, but wasn't sure if I was using that time effectively. I wanted to improve my race times but my main goal was actually just to be able to keep up with my local weekly group rides. 

Throughout our time working together, Steve has been incredibly patient and supportive. In addition to being an absolutely expert on all aspects of fitness and nutrition, he has really been on the journey with me as I have learned what it means to work with a coach.  

Steve has gone above and beyond to make sure that I am comfortable with my training plans and that I understand the rationale behind each workout. His personalised plan for me has been the key to my cycling fitness and performance improvement this season - working with Steve has totally transformed my cycling. 

Thanks to Steve's coaching, not only am I now comfortable joining most local group rides, but I absolutely smashed my race goals at Taupō and exceeded my own expectations for nearly every event this season. There’s no way I would have made this progress without Steve and I recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their cycling fitness and performance. 

Lots of people have asked me what I’ve done to improve so quickly and I always say - I just do what Steve tells me to do! I am confident that anyone who follows his advice will also see dramatic improvement and I wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone looking to take their cycling fitness and performance to the next level.

Colby Raley

In 2020 I broke my pelvis in a car vs road bike crash which took me longer to recover from than I’d anticipated. As I approached my 50th birthday I really wanted to see if I could regain some form and be as strong as I’d been prior to crashing.

I asked Steve for help in the spring of 2022 and with his careful, wise and holistic coaching I am stoked to say I’m now competitive again at a level I’d thought now beyond my abilities - recently achieving a bronze medal at Age Group Nationals.

There is no doubt this is something that would have remained beyond me without Steve.

His training plans are very clear and efficient.. and clearly effective! He is never too busy to answer even the dumbest of questions and is always encouraging and supportive.

I couldn’t recommend Steve highly enough- he is a fantastic coach and a genuinely decent human.

Belinda Fuller

About me


My name is Steve Wallace, I am an Irish born fitness professional who lives in Wellington, NZ.
I have been riding and racing all types of bikes for too many years to remember.
After riding the length of NZ on a MTB in 2017 (Tour Aoteoroa), I decided to go the extra mile with my fitness structure and find a gym based personal trainer to get me to the next level.
I could not find any PTs with the cycling knowledge and reference I needed. This revelation took me back to college (for the third time) and I trained to the NZQF Level 5 (Advanced) standard of fitness professional.
This education combined with my 25 plus years in factory and retail management, my knowledge of bikes, racing, having fun and attention to detail give a very complete package to my clients.
If this sounds like something that interests you and you would like to know more, please use the contact form below or the email address on tis site, I'd love to hear from you about your goals and how we could achieve them.




1 Week @ $50

For all disciplines Enduro, DH, XC, Road. Utilizing the industry leading TrainingPeaks software to build your on the bike fitness around your limitations.


1 Hour @$80

One to One Gym Based Personal Trainer Sessions.
Located at Endorphinz Fitness Club in Miramar Wellington.



Per Week @$50

Gym programs for athletes who are not able to come and work with me in the gym as regular one to one clients. Utilizing the PT Minder platform and my very own instructional videos.

PTminder pic.jpg


1 Weeks @ Enquire

In depth feedback on your current Nutritional intake as a tool to enhance your training and racing performance. Done in a weeks block via a client food diary.

Trello Food diary.PNG


$ Options

I have a variety of sponsorship on the go all the time. I strongly believe in giving back to my sports and growing them as best I can.
I have sponsorship rates available for juniors/youth, student and adults that are looking to get to the top of their specific disciplines.

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